Julia Washburn

Welcome to my portfolio website. I have always been a person of science and art. Ever since I was in junior high I enjoyed science, drafting, music and photography.

I got interested in web design while I was still in high school. I took a web design class and decided to explore that field in more depth. I enrolled in Clover Park Technical College for Media Design and Production concentrating in Web Design and Development program. I enjoyed creating artwork in Photoshop and building the websites in code. It was fascinating and challenging at the same time. I also enjoyed photography and video production classes. At the end of the first year in college I was hired as a web design intern for Homeland Security Institute (HSI) in Olympia Washington, who trained emergency first responders. Designing this company’s large website was my first big web design project. I was involved in designing and maintaining the website as well as helping with training materials for online courses and designed interactive Flash quizzes.

After two year of working with HSI I was hired as a summer intern at Washington State Dept of Personnel. My internship was extended three times, I was put in a temporary position as Information Technology Technician 1, and in the spring of 2010 I was permanetly hired as an SAP Security Administrator. In the summer of 2012 I was hired by the Department of Licensing as a .Net Developer.

After graduating from CPTC I continued my education by enrolling in Bachelor’s of Science for Computer Systems at City University of Seattle. I initially chose Web Design as a major. After about a year I found enjoyment in designing, building and tinkering with databases. I decided that studying database administration and modern programming languages and how both interact with each other would be more beneficial to my professional growth and open up more career opportunities for me. At that time I switched my major to be in Database Management and Programming, where I studied SQL and object oriented programming languages – Visual Basic, C++ and C#.

My resume outlines all of my skills that I acquired over the years of studying and working in different fields of information technology. I am constantly looking for opportunities that would incorporate my skills of science and art.

Aside the working life I enjoy photography, outdoors, skiing and travel. This is my way to unwind after the work is over. I have a growing photography portfolio with photographs from around here in Puget Sound and Oregon, and also from the South West, mostly the awesome Southern Utah that I love with all my heart. I find peace and excitement in traveling to new places and seeing the breathtaking scenery.

Please browse through this website and enjoy my creative work.

--Julia Washburn

Julia Washburn at Lake Tahoe '09

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